Niche Dating Sites

niche dating sitesIf the picture of your ideal match includes a  “must have” quality, niche dating sites may be your best option for meeting them online.

Niche dating sites – also known as “boutique” or “speciality” services – bring together people with something in common. For instance, memberships may be made up of Christians, Harley Davidson owners, pet lovers, divorcees, millionaires, military personnel … the list goes on.

You can also find niche dating sites based on intentions – sites for people seeking serious relationships, and sites for the more flirtatious. In fact, whatever “type” of person or relationship you can think of, there’s most likely a niche dating site to match, providing a shortcut to the kind of people you’re most likely to like. 

Here, the focus is on the most popular categories of niche dating with information on the top sites within each option.

Christian Dating

For many, shared faith is essential in a relationship. In response, the number of Christian Dating sites has boomed – some excellent, some to be avoided. Learn how to choose wisely and which are the top sites in the Christian Dating section.

Serious Dating

If you’re seeking a serious long-term relationship or marriage, consider a niche site for people interested in “serious dating” only. The best known is eHarmony (see the eHarmony Review for details) but it’s not your only option.  Find out more about the benefits of serious dating sites and which are the best sites in the Serious Dating section.