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When I first wrote an eHarmony review, back in 2004, it was one of only a handful of eHarmony reviews. Today, eHarmony is probably the best-known online dating service with a high profile just about everywhere – online, on TV and in magazines. Who hasn’t seen an eHarmony ad?

eharmonyOf course this makes writing an eHarmony review easier than it was. There’s hardly any need to explain that eHarmony is a matchmaking service for people seeking a serious relationships or marriage.

The big question is, does eHarmony deserve all this attention? Is this premium matchmaking service as good as eHarmony and other folk, including those nice now-married couples on the ads, would have us believe? In a word, yes, and hopefully the rest of this review will explain why.

eHarmony does one thing and does it well

As well as being one of the largest and best-known matchmaking services, eHarmony is one of the oldest dating services, launched in 2000 by psychologist and author Dr. Neil Clark Warren.

At that time the whole online dating scene was viewed with suspicion and this was still pretty much the case when I wrote my first eHarmony reviews in 2004.

But even then, eHarmony was clearly in a league of it’s own with one clear and “above board” goal – to be a quality matchmaking service focused on serious relationships and marriage.

While other big name online dating sites such as Yahoo Personals and have expanded their services over the years, eHarmony has stuck to it’s guns and spent the time perfecting its one and only service.

This has been a brave move – online dating is extremely competitive – but the end result is an online matchmaking service that does one thing and does it very well. This also makes life easier when it comes to choosing a “good matchmaking site” for serious relationships. With one clear leader in this field, the choice is simple – you can skip straight to eHarmony.

How eHarmony works

Here’s a review of how eHarmony actually works, from a member’s point of view.

First of all, eHarmony is free to join. A subscription isn’t necessary until you want to communicate with your matches, or you can take advantage of “Free Communication Weekends” which eHarmony offers on a regular basis. You’ll be advised of these special weekends once you have signed up for free.

Once you sign up, the first thing you do is complete an in-depth eHarmony Compatibility Test.  This test is at heart of eHarmony’s matchmaking service. Results are used to determine your compatibility with other members, and “in-depth” is something of an understatement!

An important feature of the test is that flags people who have no real interest in forming serious relationships. Apparently, about one in five are rejected and sent a polite, “We don’t feel we’re the right service for you” email. This helps ensure a quality membership base of like-minded people.

After taking the test, you can complete an in-depth personal eHarmony Profile. You can take your time with this – no need to do this right away, or all in one go. It includes setting your basic match preferences (such as age, ethnicity, location and “must have” qualities) and detailed “About Me” pages that can be viewed by your potential matches.

Once you’ve taken the eHarmony Personality Test and completed your eHarmony Profile, you’re “live” on the system. eHarmony gets to work and will email alerts as it finds potential matches.

Unlike other online dating sites it’s not possible to search through profiles yourself and while this is an area of complaint, to my mind it’s a big plus. If you’ve tried regular dating sites, you’ll be well aware of what a tedious and unrewarding experience it can be trying to find truly compatible members yourself, and appreciate eHarmony working on your behalf.

eHarmony matchmaking results

When you join eHarmony it’s not realistic to expect a flood of matches. With serious relationships in mind eHarmony aims for quality rather than quantity. In fact members are advised that eHarmony’s “scientific matching model” will typically reject 99.7% of members as unlikely matches for you.

For most people, this translates into a handful to several potential matches a month. Exactly how many depends on a number of things, including your match preference settings and of course how many compatible members are available at any one time. You’ll be alerted to new matches by email and can view further details in “My Matches” when you log in.

eHarmony receives some criticism for the “low” number of matches but personally, I feel it’s unjustified. Many complainants seem to have expected a certain number of matches “for their money” when of course this isn’t the point – eHarmony works to provide the right matches. In addition, it takes time to get to know someone – best spent on a manageable number of quality matches.

If you’re particularly interested in your matches and would like to communicate, you’ll need to subscribe (or wait for one of eHarmony’s regular free communication weekends.) You and your match(es) then have two options.

You can opt to go it alone – get to know each other through the service but without eHarmony’s assistance. Alternatively, you can use eHarmony’s Guided Communications service. This service keeps you and your match(es) on the same page in terms of the quantity and quality of information you share, learning more about each other in a structured, equitable way.

Who is eHarmony best for?

Over and above people looking for a serious relationship or marriage, eHarmony is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the time or patience to search for and evaluate potential matches themselves.

In a nutshell, eHarmony does the work for you and while the number of matches it finds each month may be small, they’re worthwhile. All you need to do is complete the personality test and profile, and wait for interesting quality matches.

eHarmony’s also expanded it’s service – after much-controversy – to include same-sex matching too through it’s new service, eHarmony Compatible Partners.

If this eHarmony Review has inspired you to find out more, join eHarmony for free and see for yourself what possibilities for a lasting relationship eHarmony delivers.

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