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As you’ve probably noticed online or on TV, eHarmony discounts are regularly available, including worthwhile discounts on membership. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your free membership (see our eHarmony review for more details) or start off with a paid membership, take advantage!

eHarmony supplies the latest official discount and promotional codes to approved websites (including ours). That’s why you’ll always find the latest eHarmony discounts and special offers listed below. Just select your country and discount/special offer, and enjoy your savings!

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Latest eHarmony Discounts and Coupon Codes


us flageHarmony U.S.

Save 20% on a 6 month subscription with eHarmony. Discount coupon code: CJPROMOAAW  Expires Dec 31, 2010

datetime=”2017-01-02T10:27:47+00:00″ Save 17% on a 12 month subscription with eHarmony! Discount coupon code: CJPROMOBBQ  Expires Dec 31, 2010

canadian flageHarmony CANADA

Save 20% on a 6-month eHarmony subscription! Discount coupon code: CJPROMOAAVCA  Expires Dec 31, 2010)

Save 17% on a 12 mth subscription with eHarmony. Discount coupon code: CJPROMOBBTCA  Expires Dec 31, 2010


Other eHarmony Countries

Sorry, there no discounts or special offers available at this time

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