About Our Dating Site Reviews

You won’t find more genuine, informative online dating service reviews than these. While most reviewers simply cut and paste from promotional material, I’ve actually visited, joined and tested out dozens of dating sites of all types and sizes so I can say it and you can believe it – the sites I’ve chosen to review really are the top dating sites.

All you need to do is decide which one appeals to you most and you’re guaranteed a safe and enjoyable online dating experience.

As you may have noticed already, there are literally hundreds of online dating services to choose from and you can take my word for it: they include the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Finding a winner, and a winner that’s right for you, can be a time-consuming and confusing task.

It doesn’t have to be. In reality, only a few dozen online dating services are worth your time or money, offering genuinely unique and superior features and huge memberships to boot. Below these are hundreds of wannabes that, with the exception of specialist dating sites, are mostly poor to mediocre quality copycats with the added disadvantage of far fewer members for you to find your match in.

To help you cut to the chase, I’ve limited my dating service reviews to the top dating dating sites, taking you behind the scenes for an insider’s look at what they do and why they excel. Though they have quality in common, they excel for different reasons, offer different relationship opportunities and have a style and feel of their own. Just decide which one has the set of qualities that appeals to you most.

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