Free Christian Dating Sites – Options and Advice

For free Christian dating sites you don’t have to look very far. Simply choose a Christian online dating site! Almost all are free to join even if they don’t advertise themselves as such.

In this respect – membership for free – Christian dating sites are no different from other types of online dating sites. Free membership is a common policy that allows people to try out dating sites at no cost, no risk.

However, as with all dating sites, there are limits on what you can do as a free member of a Christian online dating site. These limits depend on the type of Christian dating site you join. There are basically three options:

Free membership at two-tier Christian dating sites – Option 1

Most dating sites, Christian dating sites included, have two tiers of membership – paid as well as free. At these sites, free membership entitles you to post a profile and a photo, and use some simple communication tools commonly called “ice-breakers” or “smiles.” Paying members have access to additional tools and features which free members don’t.

You can remain a free member at two-tier Christian dating sites for as long as you like. However, additional features available to paying members include more sophisticated and extensive communications tools. If you would like to get to know people on a higher level (as it were!) you will probably want to take advantage of these by upgrading to paid membership.

Paid memberships at two-tier Christian dating sites are reasonable, at about $25 a month. This rate falls substantially if you sign up for several months at once.

Free trial at paid-only Christian dating sites – Option 2

Another but less common option is to take a free trial at Christian dating site which has paid members only. In this case you will have access to all the same bells and whistles as paying members, but for a limited time only.

An advantage of a free trial at a paid-only Christian dating website is that you can really test-drive the site. Another is that you can engage in meaningful communication with other members from day one, even if it is only for the duration of your free trial. If you make a special connection in this time, you will have a worthwhile incentive to continue as a paid member after your free trial.

100% free but non-Christian dating sites – Option 3

For completely 100% free Christian dating sites where you will never have to pay, you are out of luck at this time. You can, however, join a one of the few always-free but non-Christian dating sites.

It is well worth considering a 100% free but non-Christian dating site. Dating sites have come a long way in terms of search and compatibility tools that make it easy to find very specific types of people, including fellow Christians.

Choosing the best Christian dating sites

Free or not, Christian dating sites vary enormously in terms of quality, features and membership policies. Some offer much more than you’d expect to get as a free member, while others are less generous. It is also important to find a site that simply “feels right” for you.

It makes good sense then to take advantage of free membership and free trials at Christian dating sites and join at least two or three. Compare the features available to both free and (with an eye to the future) paying members. Importantly, read the “small print” to compare how sites match up to your particular faith-based standards and expectations.

Whichever free Christian dating sites you try, enjoy!

Copyright 2007 Caroline Mackenzie