Christian Online Dating – Christian Dating Made Easy

If you’re a devout Christian finding the perfect mate can seem like an almost impossible task. After all, for true Christians who prefer to deal only with others who share their faith, your social circle can seem very small. If there is no one who lights a spark in you at your church or at the various church functions you attend then where do you find someone to share your life with?

If you have not considered Online Dating, you should. It could well be the solution to your problem.

The world of Online Dating can seem a pretty tawdry place to a faithful Christian. But it doesn’t have to be. The key to finding a Christian match online is in choosing the dating service you use well and wisely.

There are lots of Online Dating sites that say they are for Christians only. But anyone can say they are Christian and single and most of these sites do not screen applicants adequately. In fact if you go through the application process on many so called Christian Online Dating sites you’ll find that it differs little from any other dating site. There are no controls in place to help weed out the liars.

If you want to absolutely minimize the risk of wasting your time with insincere people then the only Online Dating service I can recommend is one that does not even primarily bill it self as a Christian Online Dating service but it offers the most exhaustive personality testing service of any Online Dating site that I know about. The test runs to 500 questions and can take an hour to complete. The test is designed to weed out people who are not serious about forming a lasting relationship.

So which site is this? It’s the venerable eHarmony

If you would like to know more about eHarmony and the extensive personality testing it provides then feel free to read our eHarmony review.