A Catholic Online Dating Success Story

As many Catholic singles know too well, when shared faith, values and beliefs are essential in a partner it narrows the field considerably. And this is where Catholic online dating can help, by bringing you in contact with more potential matches.

Photo by Jose Luis Aguirre/Catholic San Francisco

Jenna and Paul - Perfect Match (Photo by Jose Luis Aguirre/Catholic San Francisco)

But does it really work? Do people who use Catholic dating websites really fall in love and enjoy the relationship they’ve been hoping for?

Judging from the many success stories available to read at the quality Catholic dating sites it seems the answer is “yes, many do”.

But Catholic dating sites aren’t the only place to read success stories. In an article taking a close look at online dating for Catholics, Jenna and Paul’s success story is featured in Catholic San Francisco, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

As the article explains, Jenna VanGrowski and Paul Giannini first encountered each other online, at CatholicMatch.com (one of our top picks for Catholic Dating).

Paul was struck by Jenna’s dating profile, and the clarity of her expectations for life and what she expected in a partner.

Jenna received an alert that Paul (I’ll use their real names here but be aware that real names are not visible at dating sites) had viewed and liked her profile. Taking a look at Paul’s profile, Jenna thought he seemed cute, but left it at that, and Paul didn’t make any further contact.

As Paul explains, Jenna’s description of what she wanted in life and in a partner, exactly matched his own but also took him by surprise. He hadn’t (until then) been able to see it so well or so clearly, so he hesitated about contacting Jenna, who was clearly a step ahead of him in knowing exactly what she wanted.

Then, on a Sunday three months later, they both happened to be at Mass, at St Dominic in San Francisco. They caught each others eye but again, nothing happened. The reason? They didn’t recognize each other as being the same people they’d viewed at Match.com.

All became clear the following Sunday, when Paul decided to take action and tapped Jenna on the shoulder. Suddenly everything clicked into place for Paul. Jenna recalls:

“He said, ‘I remember you. You don’t like eggs and you don’t like hot dogs,’ and I’m thinking, ‘Who is this guy telling me this?’ Then, as soon as he said it, I realized, oh my gosh, this is the Paul that looked at my profile three and a half months ago.”

“It was 100 percent serendipity. It just happened,” Paul says.

After a four hour talk at a nearby cafe, their relationship began and has progressed since then to talk of marriage.

Thanks to their unexpected meeting, Jenna and Paul’s story is somewhat unusual – a sort of fast-forward version of way things usually progress through online dating sites. There’s usually the initial interest, a period of getting to know each other, lasting as long as it takes, and when things feel right, a meeting. In Jenna and Paul’s case, there was the interest, then an unexpected meeting.

But all the same, Jenna and Paul’s story illustrates one of the main benefits of online dating. That is, the ability to get to know someone upfront – to feel confident that you are essentially on the same page in terms of values, beliefs and expectations – before you meet.

Paul explains:

“The online services have a structure, with questions about pivotal issues around being Catholic. For some people these might be deciding factors in realizing they want to engage in a dialogue with somebody or want to meet them face-to-face. We had the advantage of both things happening at the same time.”

And as Jenna says of Catholic online dating:

“If being Catholic is important to you, it is a great way to start meeting friends. Being Catholic is a big part of our lives. I would tell people to go out of their control zone and do it. Do not pass up the chance to meet someone if you can.”

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