Men Looking for Women Online Are All Fat and Ugly

A woman writing into Dan and Jennifer at the American Chronicle complained that all men looking for women online are fat and ugly. She said all the men in the pictures she has seen at her online dating service are fat and they obviously don’t look after themselves. She wonders if all the men who use online dating services are over weight slobs.

Well, obesity is a big problem in America and there are plenty of over-weight people around. You’ll find fat guys everywhere including all the usual places you might go when you’re looking to get a date or find a mate.

The advantage you have with online dating is choice. At the usual dating hangouts, like a bar, there might be a dozen single guys hanging around. Seven of them are fat, three are drunk and one gives you the eye while picking his nose. That leaves one decent guy and he’s probably gay.

When you use an online dating service you have hundreds or even thousands of men to choose from. Sure some of them, maybe even a lot of them, have spent so much time at McDonald’s that they made employee of the month but you can just pass them by and move on to the next.

Be persistent. Realize that there are new people joining dating services all the time. And you can join more than one dating service. Most of the good ones allow you to go a long way toward meeting someone interesting, and slim, and fit, with a non-alcoholic six-pack, before you have to pay any money – if that’s what you’re looking for.

Of course for many people a plus-size is not a problem, hence the popularity of BBW dating sites for “Big Beautiful Women” (BBW) as well as “Big Handsome Men” (BHM).


  1. It might be true that the poster is going to be in for a rude awakening one day, but what she said is true for both men and women. As an overweight guy it’s something we have to deal with daily.

    People like her and the last poster Cindy are classic examples of why some men give up dating altogether. Her ignorance of the various reasons why people are overweight is pretty common with most people.

    Do these women have anything to offer the men they’re going after besides they’re looks??

  2. B.S.! I only date guys that are in shape, preferably men that work hard to take care of their bodies. Men or Women that play the “fat people have great hearts’ are just making excuses for being overweight. Hey, fit people are good hearts too – and as a bonus are a pleasure to look at.

  3. Dear Laurie,
    Well done. You are quite right – and she is quite wrong. Firstly, men (and women) using dating services come in all shapes and sizes. She needs new glasses – or to admit the fact that she only has eyes for larger men! Secondly, a generous body is always preferable to a small mind. Everyone who uses online dating services can and should be 100% proud and confident of who they are – someone’s perfect match!

  4. Laurie e Wise says:

    This person will regret what they said, one day they to will be overweight. You have to be careful what you say in life for it will come back to haunt you. This person only sees what is on the outside, which is a shame, because there are a lot of overweight people with good hearts and provide the best relationships. Where a lot of thin people are so stuck on themselves for being nice looking they are only happy with their looks and missing out on a true good relationship. A lot of guys use women that are thin. They go for beauty on the outside. They are users. Shame.