What Type of People Use Online Dating Services?

people using online datingPeople who think of online dating services as a last resort are often concerned about the type of people who use online dating services.

Is it a last resort for them too? If so, why haven’t they been able to find a date face-to-face? In other words, they suspect that there’s something “wrong” with people who use online dating services.

Sure, the online dating community, like any other, has its share of people who deserve to be left alone in the world. But the majority of people who use online dating services are ordinary (and sometimes extraordinary) people who simply have trouble finding a date in the “usual” way.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t. You don’t have to be flawed to “fail” in the real world dating scene.

Many people don’t have the money, time or inclination to develop a busy social life. They may work unsociable hours, dislike clubs and bars, or have limited opportunities to meet people in their area. And of course many people are simply too shy to strike up conversation with strangers.

Above all, many people who use online dating services have realized, perhaps many dollars and disappointments later, that that the real world dating scene offers few real opportunities for meeting someone special. That quite simply it’s a waste of time, money and emotions.

One of the biggest attractions of online dating services is that you can strike up meaningful conversation from the outset. Ask people why they use an online dating service and chances are, you’ll find their reasons reassuringly ordinary – and perhaps very similar to your own.