Your Man-Attracting Makeover

beautiful woman

Your strength and confidence will win him … but first you have to get his attention.

Having trouble with attracting the men who really catch your eye? Maybe you get a glance from him, but then he doesn’t follow through.  Your best course of action is to do a makeover that will leave him breathless: you’ll be advancing on two fronts, both the physical and the attitude ones.

Everyone knows that most men will fall for a pretty face and an attractive figure far more quickly than they will fall for an attractive conversation.  However, this is really not as bad as it sounds!  After all, when we first see someone, and prior to conversation or meeting them at all, we do form visual impressions of others.

Men, just like women, see the opposite sex and form some opinion on the physically attractive qualities of that person.  Simply finding a person attractive might well lead a man to talk to a woman, so it is always an excellent idea to be prepared to draw men in with your attractive outer appearance.  Of course, your inner beauty is just as important, but the first thing to do is make sure your outer shell reflects your inner beauty!

Your makeover can begin with a simple update of your wardrobe. If it’s feeling and looking a bit tired, and has no “stand-out” pieces, it’s time to re-invigorate your clothes.  You don’t need to buy an entirely new wardrobe. Just a few new items will work wonders.  Choose a couple of things that will make you shine , regardless of the occasion.

  • A really well-fitting pair of jeans which can be dressed up or down are a great start.  “Skinny” jeans are well known for their slimming effects, plus they make your legs look like they go on for miles!  Choose the current hot colors, like dark washes.  It is no trouble at all to wear jeans like this to any number of places, and they are far more flattering than your old worn-out ones!
  • Another item that is trendy, sexy, and will turn men’s heads is a really great coat or jacket.  A well-cut trench coat or sexy jacket can be worn over dresses, jeans, and everything in between. Choose one that is very figure conscious, and belted.  A coat like this will make you look far more dressed up than you really are!
  • Another great way to kick off your new look is a new haircut.  Don’t do anything drastic, but be willing to experiment a bit!  Sometimes adding just a few layers , or trying out some feathery bangs can give you not only a hot new look, but also a sexy boost of self-confidence.
  • While you are doing your hair, consider a department store makeover This is a perfect way to see exactly which new shades look the best on you, and you can have this done for free!  If you see a spectacularly flattering lipstick or blush, you can treat yourself, but remember that you can usually duplicate the shade in drugstore brands as well.  The idea of a department store makeup application is that you’ll get new ideas and techniques, so make sure to pay close attention to how the makeup is used and applied.

Even when you have glammed up your clothes, face, and hair, you will still have one important thing left to accomplish in your man-attracting makeover: a new attitude!

Most any man you meet will tell you that there is nothing more alluring than a self-confident women.  Self confidence isn’t always easy, of course, but when you know that you look your best it is so much easier.

Sometimes it’s even fine to fake the confidence a bit: the vital thing is that you appear to be a woman who knows just what she wants and how to get it. But no need to appear like a man-eater: this is simply a matter of direct eye contact, confident conversations, and a calm demeanor.

If you tell yourself you are a prize, and feel it deep inside yourself, there is no doubt that all the men you attract will feel it just as strongly as you do!

When you do a two-pronged makeover, with both your physical and inner self getting a confidence boost, you can’t lose. Men love a woman who not only has the striking looks, but also the sparkling, confident personality!