Meeting Men in All the Right Places

man and woman dining

Put yourself where men are and you could meet someone really wonderful.

So, you are single, looking, and ready to date. Problem is, you aren’t able to meet any eligible men. Most of the time the main problem women have is the simple fact that they don’t really know how to meet men, or where to begin looking.

So, how do you get out there and meet the men you’ve been waiting for?

It is actually a lot easier than you may think and can begin with one simple thing: you need to start by changing your mindset. Basically, this is as easy as rethinking your daily life and activities. For this first step, you don’t need to go anywhere new – just have a little bit of a new attitude. From now on, you need to see everything you do and everywhere you go as a potential opportunity.

Everywhere you go is an opportunity to meet someone wonderful

woman at gas station

Almost anywhere you go can give you an opportunity to meet someone new. Even the gas station. So put yourself out there.

You might say, “But I never go anywhere !”  Actually, you do! Everywhere you go – from the gas station to the grocery store, to the bank – is a possible opportunity. You never know when someone charming, cute and sweet might be right behind you in line at the checkout.

So, keep those eyes open. Don’t isolate yourself emotionally or mentally: smile casually at strangers, say “hi”, and speak back when spoken to. Open your mind, and you will be surprised by the new avenues this simple act could open for you.

Do something new to meet someone new

woman meets man at school

Take a class and meet a new man. Even if you’re already an expert take the introductory class. You never know who might need some tutoring.

Next, it is an excellent idea for women looking for a new mate to introduce some new activities into their routine, in order to maximize the “man-meeting” opportunities.

For the best chances to meet men who share your interests you will naturally want to focus on your own hobbies and activities. How do you spend your leisure time? Theater, art, reading, cooking, photography, maybe with animals?

Sign up for a class in one of your areas of interest. Even if you’re already an expert, go ahead and take that introductory class – it could be a great chance to give some private tutoring to a hunky classmate! The adult education division of your local college is a good place to search for classes like this, and local community centers often offer free or low-cost classes too.

If you happen to really enjoy an activity like group sports or perhaps local theater, you may find it as simple as joining an already existing group. When you become a new member of a group which shares your interests, you will usually find a friendly group who are very welcoming. And if the group happens to include handsome male members, all the better!

Go somewhere new to meet someone wonderful

There are numerous other small and easy things to add to your life that can maximize your chances to meet new men. For instance, add a local hotspot to your routine.

woman in resaurant

Sitting alone in a restaurant or coffee shop is great way to meet someone new and handsome.

It doesn’t have to be a bar, although a small local bar’s happy hour is an ideal way to find single men. Check out your local coffee shops. Instead of going through the drive through , stop in and order a latte, then sit down and browse through a magazine or book. You never know how many fascinating men may appear, and you don’t want to miss out.

If you are comfortable with eating alone, you will find that this is an ideal way to meet new men. Men are almost always intrigued by seeing an attractive female dining alone: you can sit at the bar and order a meal if you like, and let them come to you!

Stopping in at a small bookstore once in a while and taking the time to look through the stacks, and read over a few books, is a tried and true way to attract men. Many of the intellectual but hot men may just be visiting while you are and find your choice of reading material a perfect way to open a conversation. This works both ways: if you see an interesting-looking man reading a book, ask him “have you read that before? I’ve been thinking of buying that…”and watch the conversation flow!

Of course you can’t forget the ultimate accessory: self confidence! While it is always important to try to look your best during man-hunting missions, it makes you ten times sexier if you are vibrant and confident. So scout out a few new locations, make sure to take your fabulous attitude with you, and you can’t lose. You will not only meet new men, they will practically fall into your lap.