Good Girl or Bad Girl: what do men really want?

The question that almost all women ponder at some point in their dating lives is that of the good girl/bad girl persona.

Which do men really want?

Why do men seem attracted to one type and end up with someone completely different? The answer is really both as simple and as complicated as the question itself: men want both good girls and bad girls, and ideally they want a women who is confident enough to be both.

It has often been said that men will date the sexy bad girls but eventually marry the chaste and demure good girls. Is this really true? Not necessarily.

The fact is, men are very visual creatures, motivated by what is on the outside much of the time. Sexy outfits and wild behavior may very well draw the attention of most men. Does it keep their attention? No, not always.

Bad girl

Men are very attracted to bad girls, but do they want to stay with them? Maybe not.

Who are these bad girls?

Bad girls are the ones who are ready to party, looking to have fun, and not looking for much in the way of commitment. Dressing alluringly and behaving in outrageous ways are the ideal methods to achieve exactly those things.

Bad girls are usually not very interested in marriage, at least not any time soon, and are certainly not looking to have children in the immediate future.

Having fun is bad girl priority number one, and while most men will certainly be drawn to this, they are also intelligent enough to know that any relationship that grows is very temporary. Unless of course their bad girl matures and grows into a person with the long term on her mind.

Not surprisingly, dating bad girls is intriguing for most men, and certainly some find them irresistible. But do men tend to try to have relationships with these wild-child women? No, not usually.

So while men often find themselves attracted to wild women, they generally shy away from trying to build anything long lasting with these same girls. After all, bad girls themselves are usually clear about not wanting to settle down.

Good girl

Men may find good girls “just a little bit boring”, so become “self-assured girl”!

How about good girls? Do men want them, or are they simply a second choice when the bad girls won’t settle down? The majority of the time, men will gravitate towards “good girls” for friendship, and perhaps foster a future romantic relationship.

Good girls have already proven, with their more modest and sensible behavior, that they are the sort of women who would like a stable future and a solid relationship.

While men certainly appreciate an attitude like this, and the charming and considerate women who have these attitudes, men can sometimes find good girls just a little bit boring. Boring, of course, does not bode well for a relationship’s longevity, and can spell disaster all too quickly.

So, if men don’t really want to settle down with bad girls but are often bored with good girls, then what DO men really want? The answer seems to be a hybrid of the two: call her, the “self-assured girl”.

The self-assured girl is brimming with confidence. She knows what she likes, is not afraid to have fun, even jump into a wild and crazy party on occasion. She can easily capture a man’s interest.

But this girl is also back at work Monday morning, sober and focused. She knows what her goals are, who she is, and is not dependent on a man for her identity. When a female is self-assured and proud, she is both the bad girl, the good girl, and the ideal male fantasy all at one time.

One of the best things about the good girl/bad girl hybrid is that she lives in every woman. Every woman has the ability to intrigue, fascinate, and bewitch a man with the power of her own self-confidence and attitude. After all, when women know exactly what their own self worth is, it becomes so much easier for men to see it too. Good Girl or Bad Girl? The answer is both!