Misconceptions about men

confused woman

Confused by men? It may be because of these widely believed misconceptions about their behavior.

Here are some so-called “truths” about men that seem to have hung on for years and years. Don’t be fooled. While some, or even all of them, may be true of some men they are certainly not true of most men or even true of a large minority of men.

Men want a woman to hang with him and his friends and be “one of the guys”

woman with three men watching sports

If he’s a grown up man and not a boy then he wants you to be a woman – not one of the guys.

This may have been true during high school and shortly after when he was happiest being part of a group of friends. Then having his girl be part of the group and act like one of his friends may have been pretty appealing.

But he was an immature kid then and things have changed. Now, if the guy you have your eye on has grown up some, he wants a woman he can share his deepest thoughts with. A woman he can care for, protect and possibly have a family of his own with. Having a friend with benefits may have seemed a great thing when he was still a kid but not anymore. Now he wants a real woman and a real relationship.

So if he wants some time “with the guys” let him go and don’t try to be one of them. Just go on being the strong, confident woman that you are. When he’s done he’ll be very happy to get back to you, his woman.

Men don’t like women who get emotional

emotional woman

If he gets defensive or angry when you’re emotional it’s because he wants to fix the problem for you. If he can’t, he has failed and he’s angry with himself.

It’s true, men do generally become uncomfortable when a woman is displaying high emotion, drama as some call it.

But it’s why your emotion causes him to be uncomfortable that’s important here.

Men want to help. If you’re crying he wants to make you feel better. If you’re upset it wants to fix the problem that’s upsetting you.

He doesn’t understand that sometimes you want to cry, sometimes you need to be upset.

If he gets defensive or even angry when your emotional it’s not because of you. It’s because he can’t fix the problem. He’s angry with himself because he has failed you.

So if you can tell try to tell him why you’re upset. Allow him to soothe you and comfort you. This way he’ll be doing something and will feel like a proper man.

Men want a woman they think they can’t have

woman rejects man

If he only wants you because he thinks you don’t want him then he’s a kid, not man. Forget about him.

This is a misconception that again goes back to a man’s high school days. A man who only wants a woman he can’t have is not a man at all. He’s a boy, an immature kid who needs to grow up.

This is not the sort of man you want to enter into a relationship with and you certainly don’t want to build anything with him.

So if you’re thinking of playing hard-to-get to attract a man, don’t. Because any man you attract by playing that game won’t be worth having and he’ll soon be off chasing the next woman he can’t have anyway.

Don’t play games. Be strong and full of confidence, have respect for yourself and others and you will find a man worthy of you.