How to Capture His Interest

woman waiting for one special man

There’s one special guy you want in your life. Get him by just adjusting your attitude a little.

Are you pining away for the one certain guy who you have been crushing on forever, but don’t really know how to get his attention? 

Guys can really take a long time to catch on to a woman’s interest, and even when they “get it” they can still seem oblivious. Sometimes all you have to do to get that special guy’s attention is to change the way you interact with him.

Undoubtedly you have already made some attempts, whether aggressive or more on the passive side, to catch his eye. But they haven’t really worked the way you wanted, right?  So, you are reading this article to find out why.  Why have your efforts to get his attention failed, and how do you catch the eye of the one you want? Keep reading: here are the best ways to get him to finally pay attention.

Make Him Come to You

Again, the first thing to keep in mind is that you have got to change the way you interact with him.  If you’ve been seeking him out, even just to say “hi”, don’t do it.  From now on, make certain that you are never the first one to say hi, never the one to initiate conversation, and certainly never the first one to make phone or texting contact. 

The only time you should be talking with him is when HE talks to you.  This is one of the best ways to get it through to the male brain that he may have to make a little effort.  Sooner or later, he is going to notice that you aren’t around quite as much, or speaking to him as much….a surefire way to get his interest to kick in.

When he does initiate conversation with you, it is just fine to talk with him, chat casually, and maybe even throw in a little flirting.  Just make sure he is always the “aggressor”, both in conversation and in flirting.  Keeping him a little off balance by being non-committal – it will only make you seem more intriguing to him.  He will notice that you are not going after him. It’s likely to make him wonder why…and make him interested.

Know Where He Likes to Hang Out

Just because you should not initiate contact with him doesn’t mean you can’t be around him.  Being around , frequently, is a key component in this plan to snag his interest. Make it your business to know what his hobbies are, where he hangs out, and what his social circle is. 

Most likely, you are already moving in much the same circles since you know him already. But it never hurts to dip your toe into a new social group, and since he’s a member of it, all the better!  Of course, being at every single activity where he is will be far too much, and you have to avoid looking as if you’re obsessed.  Just make sure that you and your crush find yourselves at the same activities every week or two, and it will be impossible for you to not be on his radar.

Know How Fabulous You Really Are

man and woman against wall

Know how wonderful you truly are and get the man you dream about.

The last and most important part of the plan to snag your man is, put yourself first. 

That’s right, think of YOU and the fact that you are a valuable person with a lot to offer.

Don’t lose sight of this, remember to love and respect yourself.  When you have a positive self image, it is much easier to get the guy to see you in a positive light as well.

Make a few changes to your “get him” strategy, and you will see success.  Change the way you talk to him, become a part of his regular environment, keep the pressure low…and know how fabulous you really are.  Love yourself, give yourself the best chance to snag the guy, and he will be yours!