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How to make men line up and beg to be with you

Where did all the good men go?

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To get the man you want just know what he really wants.

Women have been asking this for decades. You ‘ve probably asked yourself that question, on a Friday or Saturday night when faced with a choice between watching yet another Friends rerun or a night out with the girls.

But here’s the strange thing: men say the same thing, they ask ‘where did all the good girls go’.

Look around, there’s plenty of guys. Lots of good looking guys and you probably know many guys who you’d be happy to date and spend time with. But those guys are not with you, not today, not tonight – and it probably seems – not ever.

So why are’t you with a guy you really want? It’s not your fault. It’s because of a number of misconceptions about what men really want in a woman that have been spread far and wide in the media.

You already have all you need to attract men in droves, you just need to know what men really want and how to use what you already have.

What Does a Man Really Look for In a Woman?

First thing to understand is that when most women say ‘I can’t attract men’ what you are really saying is ‘I can’t attract the RIGHT man’.

This is not such an easy thing to do. It’s not just a matter of deciding if you should be a good girl or a bad girl. In fact for women who are looking for a long term, committed, adult relationship, this is a real tough problem. You probably know what I mean. A guy asks you out, you go out together, have a good time (or so it seems) but things go nowhere, he seems content with dating, but not to a depth and commitment to the two of you as a couple.

The reason for this is not that he is the wrong guy or that he is unwilling to commit. It might be that you are sending out mixed signals.

Again, this is not your fault! You have been told the wrong things in movies, magazines and even by friends and family. Now is the time to start putting matters right so that you can get what you want and deserve!

Just as with women, every man is different but there are some things that most men share in common. If you are looking for a ‘real’ man, that is an emotionally mature man willing to be part of a relationship of increasing commitment and depth then here are four things that most men would agree are important to them – possibly unexpectedly – this doesn’t include sex.

How to Get Inside a Man’s Head and Have the Man You Want

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Get inside his head and you’ll find more than sports, beer and boobs. You’ll find love, tenderness and a longing for respect.

You might think a man’s head is a strange place to be, full of footballs, beer, women with big breasts, fast cars, and little else, but that’s not true, well, not for the men you want! Surprisingly the thoughts inside a man’s head are not too different from your own!

A real man is well set and mature both physically and emotionally. A real man is also completely open to growing and developing relationships with a woman, the right woman.

1) Your Man Wants a Playful Woman

If you want to get a guy to connect with you on a deeper level than you have been used to then get used to the idea of being playful. We men like to be active, to play, to express ourselves through action.

Many women want to talk about everything but for us guys actions speak louder than words! If he is into sports then take part with him, go to watch a game with him. Be competitive with him on a shared computer game, or when you go swimming or jogging. Perhaps even tease him when you get ahead of him!

2) Your man wants a woman who can look after herself.

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Men love a strong, confident, compassionate and competent woman. This image of Uma in Kill Bill may be a bit over the top but I hope it makes my point.

Many women, even today, have been taught that men want and prefer women who are ‘weaker’, dependent, needy of a man’s strength.

Maybe that was true a few generations ago but not today!

A real man wants a woman who is independent, who can take care of herself. We don’t need a ‘weak’ woman to make ourselves feel stronger, smarter, more powerful.

The kind of guy that most women want is not put off by your success and independence. We find it flattering that women like you are keen on us! We like that you have a place in your life for a strong relationship.

3) Your man prefers emotionally mature women.

In any relationship, at some point you are going to have a disagreement. It might be that you have a misunderstanding or it may be that you both see the world, or particular issues in different ways.

Most men hate it when their woman’s first response is to blame her guy. We like it when a person we are close to has the ability to share her feelings with honesty and maturity.

Women who are unable to accept other points of view or who are unable to control their emotions can be a big turn off for ‘real men’. If you learn to share your feelings calmly and rationally then we will respect you for that and treat you as a partner. You will be much more attractive to us men in this way!

4) Your man wants to be attracted to you. And he wants you to be attracted to him!

This might seem strange, of course we want to be attracted to you but there’s more to attraction than a pretty face! Us guys are happy to give commitment to a woman for whom we are sure there is as much attraction from her as we have toward her.

Women have been taught for generations that playing hard to get is the way to get a guy to fall in love with her. That’s just not true! If you don’t show us that you are attracted to us then we will lose our attraction for you!

How to attract a guy? Show him that you are attracted to him! Flirt with him, tease him, but keep things at a natural pace – you will kill the relationship by forcing things too fast.

As you can see from these four attraction tips (and there’s more, much more!) the difficulties that you have been facing in attracting the ‘right’ guys are not your fault. You can get what you want but to do so you must unlearn some of the bad habits that a lifetime of bad information and even worse examples have driven into you.

What Do Women Who Attract Men Know That You Do Not?

You can easily attract more men into your life. But more importantly, you can attract the right men and finally the man. Do it today and start making your life much better.

The women you see who are getting the guys they want have learned what guys are really looking for, they know that appearance is not everything – but that grooming is very important.

They know that men have emotions, that they feel lonely, want companionship and a woman who is a good friend as well as lover. The woman who attracts men knows that while women think about love men think about respect.

In this short article, I have touched on only the surface of how to attract men to you, there’s much more to know and, when you know the secrets of attracting guys, you can get almost any man that you want.

He will want to be with you and with you alone.

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Best of luck to you, I hope you find a wonderful man.

And remember, a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle!