How can I change from friend to girlfriend?

If you have always loved each other as friends, and are now having feelings which go beyond what a female feels for a guy friend, it’s time to accept the fact that you don’t want to be his friendYou want to be his girlfriend.

man and woman friends

He’s a good friend and a great dancer, but it’s not really the dance you want to be doing with him.

You have probably known each other for a while and have always seemingly been happy with your “buddy” status. 

Things change, though. 

You may have noticed the urge to kiss your guy friend, in a decidedly non-friendly way.  Maybe you feel a crazy surge of jealousy when you see him flirting with other girls.  Do you want to scream “no way!” when other women ask about your guy friend?

If you can say yes to one or all of these, face it: you have got it bad for your guy friend, and it’s time to make him into your boyfriend.  A few of the things you will need to do might feel challenging but they are sure to get his attention, and in the right way.

What to do to change things

  1. First, pay less attention to him.  Don’t be there for him so much, and make sure that you sometimes give the impression that you’re too busy to talk. The last thing you want is for him to feel like you are the old reliable pal who he can go to for girl advice.  When he calls, don’t pick up every time. Let him do most of the contact, and be really calm and casual around him when he does call.
  2. Next, when you talk to him, be sure to drop little comments about the other guys who ask you out, who you are dating, or who’s showing interest in you.  It’s always a good thing to make him see that there are plenty of men who would love to be with you – that you are a valuable commodity in the dating world.
  3. When you and your guy friend spend time together, no matter where it is, be sure that he notices you talking and even being flirty with other men.  If you go to a party, spend very little time hanging around him. Instead, set out to meet new men, or talk to other people.  He will be sure to notice that your focus has shifted away from him.  This is a good way to get him a little jealous, and that will be good for him…and for the future of your relationship with him!
  4. friend to girlfriend

    Use your smarts and move from friend to girlfriend.

  5. If you are getting some signals from him such as jealousy and perhaps territorial behavior, then it might be time to put the last piece of the plan into action.  Time to talk to him about what you are looking for.  No, you don’t have to be specific and say “I’m looking for YOU!” but you can hint around.  Tell him that none of the guys you’ve been seeing are right for you, and talk about the kind of man you are looking for.  Of course, this man’s description will have a strong resemblance to him.

You can go ahead and ask him what kind of woman he is looking for…and you will quite possibly be very surprised and pleased with his answer.  Even if you and your guy friend are not ready to take it beyond some thinly veiled flirtation at this point, it is an excellent start, and you both know where you stand. 

Taking a relationship from friendship into romance can seem difficult at times: but it actually gives both people the best possible start since they have such a strong foundation.  Starting with a close friendship like the one you have already built is one of the best ways to build a long lasting and happy romantic union.