8 signs of an immature man

man dressed as a child

Does the man you’re interested in or involved with act strangely at times. You may be dealing with a man-child. Read this article for insights into what this means.

If the man you’re interested in is frustrating to be around sometimes and you can’t quite put your finger on what it is that’s irritating you about him it might well be that you’re dealing with a man-child.

What is a man-child? It’s a man, of any age, who is physically grown up and maybe even yummy to look at, who is still a child in his head.

These men-children are usually pretty easy to spot, the guys who only want to hang with their friends laughing, shouting and getting up to minor mischief.

But often they aren’t so obvious and you need to watch out for them because if you get into a relationship with one it’s probably going to end with you angry and frustrated or worse the relationship will continue, with you playing the role of mummy.

Here are some signs that you may be dealing with a man-child.

1) An un-grown-up man can’t hold a proper conversation

Serious conversation is not a priority for a yet to be grown man. He can’t have a meaningful talk because all of life is just a fun game to him. When you try to talk seriously with him he’ll make jokes and try to steer the conversation toward general chit-chat.

2) He doesn’t like to be relied on

disappointed woman

If he just cannot show up where and when he’s supposed to you may be dealing with a man-child. Avoid disappointment and don’t ask him to do anything for you that you really need to be done.

If your moving to a new home or have to be picked up somewhere at a certain time don’t ask man-child to help you out.

If he agrees to do the chore at all he probably won’t show up. He doesn’t like to be relied on and would rather wait until a problem goes away than deal with it now.

3) He’s never had a real girlfriend

He has never stayed in a meaningful relationship with a woman he isn’t related to, like mom or sister.

That isn’t a good sign for you because not only will you have to teach him how to behave with a woman but also because he probably can’t even make a small commitment, let alone a lasting one.

4) Your his girlfriend only when it suits him

You and he have made plans for Friday night but on very short notice or without giving you any warning at all he changes his mind and goes out to shoot pool with the boys instead.

So really you’re only his girlfriend when he has nothing better to do.

You’re not a priority to him and, again, he can’t fulfill a commitment.

5) He doesn’t want to make decisions

Man-child will go back and forth trying to make a decision about small things, like what kind of pizza to order or which bar to go to.

For larger things he’s happy to leave the decision making process up to who ever will do it, probably you.

6) He doesn’t take responsibility for anything

fault sign

Many men-children do not take responsibility for anything.

A man that needs to grow up is filled with excuses for his behavior and blame for other people. Nothing is his fault. Not running out of toilet paper and not being unemployed. Some one else is always responsible.

7) A yet to be grown man can be very spiteful

If he doesn’t get his way or is frustrated in some other way the man that needs to grow up may lash out at those around him. He might say things that are cruel or even strike out physically. You don’t want to be around him when he’s behaving like an angry six-year-old with grown man vocabulary and strength, or any other time for that matter.

8) Man-child may well indulge himself with drugs and/or alcohol too much

drunken man

Chronic use of alcohol or drugs is a sure sign that your man just doesn’t want to grow up and be in the real world.

Nearly all of us like to have a drink sometimes but chronic, everyday use of drugs and/or alcohol is a pretty sure sign that you’re dealing with a man-child.

Chronic use means he is trying to not live in the real world, he is not dealing with the issues that we all face. Just like a kid with imaginary friends or a firm, unshakable belief that Peter Pan is a real guy.

Beware of this guy because he just isn’t ready for a real relationship and you don’t want to end up being his whipping-post, emotionally or physically, while he works on growing up through a drug induced haze.

What to do if you’re attracted or involved with a man-child

woman rejects man

If you’re interested in or involved with a man-child you may want to do yourself a favor and show him the door.

If you like a guy that’s exhibiting some of these signs it’s best for you to just get uninterested. Better to wait a while until a grown man you like comes along.

If you’re involved with a man-child things may be a little more difficult. But don’t think you can change him. It won’t work and it’s not your job. Better to send him back to mommy for some remedial growing up lessons.

In either case be aware that some stalking may result. A typical man-child does not take rejection well.

I hope you found this useful