Three Tips For Approaching Women

Bad approach technique

Bad approach technique. You can do better than this guy with a little guidance.

Lots of guys have trouble approaching women. Here are some tips to help you be more successful.

Vary Your Approach

Every woman is different and you can’t use the same old approach on every one.
If you do you’ll be a joke in the clubs because believe me women can exchange information about guys faster than you can open an internet window.

You have to have a varied approach and style in order to increase your percentage.

One way to learn some new approach tactics that attract women is to read some of the slick magazines that women buy. There is a wealth of information available about what makes women tick inside magazines like Elle, Vogue, Allure and of course, Cosmo. The reading may be a bit tough, but stick with it and keep your goal in mind.

Another easier way to get your approach right is to spend a little money for some expert advice. One program that I quite like will help you to approach women, talk to women after your approach and well, get them into bed. Have a look at it here.

Keep It Light

man approaching woman badly

Keep it light. You don’t want to marry her, not yet at least, you just want to talk a little.

Don’t make your approach with lust blazing from your eyes and the key to a hotel room in your hands.

You’re going to get further with light, friendly flirtation than trying to get her into the sack right at the start. Women like a charmer.

A clever joke or comment is good. She’ll enjoy the humor and want to see what else you can come up with. Don’t be bashful, pull the line from a comedy routine you heard or from a TV show.

Try Baiting The Hook and Waiting

Many women like to pursue men as much as they like to be pursued. If you judge the woman you’re interested in to be of this type then try baiting the hook and then leaning back to wait for a bite.

Once you’ve made her smile, made her laugh and made the sort of eye contact that leaves no doubt in her mind that you are very interested, walk away and talk to someone else.

You want to impress her just enough to get her interested, and then let the power of attraction do the rest. Some women find this an irresistible challenge. You may well find that you can attract more women then you thought possible using this little trick.

Women are just as interested in meeting guys as we are in meeting them; it’s just all about the details. You have to let them know that you really are more than just a cruiser and a player, you’re the real deal. Don’t leave it to really cheesy lines to pick up women, you have to invest a little time and effort to excel at this game.