Simple Tips to Attract Women

women on couch

Working out how to attract women is not as tough as algebra. In fact it’s mostly just common sense.

I’m Lisa Sinclair, and what I want to do is help you find out how to really connect with women, just like me. Who better to give you real advice on what we women really like and want than a female? If you really want to know what attracts us and what we look for, then you’ve come to the right place….

So you are a shy guy and you’re a bit uncomfortable when you talk to women. You want to attract and impress that cute girl you’ve been keeping your eye on, huh? Well, let me give you some real advice that is sure to help you out. Listen up now, because I am here to shed some light on what women really look for and can give you some no nonsense tips on how to attract the damsels who rock your world.

Women still like to feel protected

woman protected from rain by man

Even in the 21st century a woman still wants to feel they are protected by her man.

Let’s look at how you approach a woman when you ask her out, you have really got to be confident to attract us. Fake it if you must, hey a little role playing never hurt anyone, but remember that women want a man who can at least appear confident.

We all want a guy who we know will handle a problem, or a situation, if it arises. Confidence and self assurance is an aphrodisiac to females and you want to know something, it doesn’t matter if it is just a front, if we pick up the confident vibe… got us at “hello”.

This doesn’t mean that we want a big jock or a muscle bound maniac, we just don’t want a guy that is scared of his own shadow. If you ask us to take a walk in the park, we prefer to go with someone who will protect us from the rain or from the growling dog. Hey, you don’t have to fight the dog, just let us know calmly that it really is okay, and the little Chihuahua won’t attack. If you are prepared to throw yourself in front of us if a snake crawls out of the grass, even better. You can score some huge points for this act of bravery.

Dress for attraction

Now let’s cover another point of attraction, the first date, you gotta dress if you wanna impress. Think about it if you want to attract that cutie to you, it takes a little spice, and this begins with how you look. No, I don’t mean Hollywood handsome, c’mon and give me a break. If you take more mirror time than us, there might be a problem.

We want a guy who’s neat and clean and remembers to wear shoes to the restaurant. A first date means NO T-SHIRTS, unless we’re heading to the beach, and even then that tee had better be cool enough to tame the summer sun. Sloppy clothing, wrinkled duds, grungy jeans and tacky shoes spell L-O-S-E-R. You don’t have to splurge on a new suit, but go for a little style, make us want to see what’s in that cutely wrapped package.

Plan the date ahead of time

Please show up with a plan for the date and don’t expect us to come up with an idea at date time. It may be nice to ask us beforehand what we like, but remember the confidence issue, let us see that you can take charge of things. If you have a special event set just let us know whether we need to go casual or semi-formal.

Have the evening planned in advance and we will probably add the tip for you to show our appreciation for a lovely date. Wine and cheese tasting, reservations at a nice restaurant, an evening at a live theater show….these are all great and it makes us really feel great when little details are attended to ahead of time. And surprise sweetens the deal for all the ladies; we really appreciate the effort that you put into the preparations.