A Little Shyness May Be Just What You Need to Attract Women

shy man with woman

Are you shy around women? Don’t worry, it may be the best tool you have for getting dares and intimate time.

For shy guys, the dating scene can inspire feelings of insecurity and anxiety. Sometimes this whole scene can seem downright intimidating. But that shyness does not have to prevent you from finding the love, or lust, of your life or maybe just the night. The key is to use your abilities and traits to your own advantage.

There is something very appealing about a guy with a boyish charm and just a little hesitation in his manner. You can be confident and still show this “vulnerability”, and believe me, when you master the ability to show both sides of this coin at the same time; there are very few women that can resist the combination.

Practice Being Self Confident

I have a friend, a male friend, that I’ve known since we were kids. He was always the shy kid. But he got over it. You know how? He practiced. He practiced being confident. And it worked.

Given some time and practice, believe me… you will become a more self assured and confident guy. But a certain note of caution is in order: confidence does not mean bragging or boasting about all you do, have or want. A confident man knows that he can make the approach to an attractive woman, maintain eye contact, and strike up a conversation. Boasting and bragging are not signs of a confident man, but of an insecure phony who is trying way too hard to impress. And that is a huge turn off.

Make Shyness an Asset

OK, shyness can be liability when it comes to dating, but properly channeled, it becomes an asset. Many women appreciate men who are humble, rather than arrogant, self-absorbed blowhards. See, you have an edge already! Yes, you have to work on marketing yourself the right way, sure you do, presenting an air of confidence and so forth. But lots of women love those shy, boyish tendencies and just can’t wait to find out what lies beneath.

You know in my experience most guys who have trouble meeting women and getting them interested in some under the covers activity only have this problem because they just don’t know how the game is played. These guys are constantly shooting themselves in the foot. My friend Sean used to be like that. But not anymore. Sean figured out that it isn’t hard to attract women if you just go about it the right way.