Mistakes men make trying to attract the women they want

A lot of guys make these mistakes with women. If you’ve ever had a girl you want suddenly, or not so suddenly, go cold as the arctic ice pack then you’re probably making one or more of them.

Mistake #1 Talking your heart too soon

Let her be intrigued by you for a while. Don’t tell her what she means to you too soon.

If you really like a woman you may well be tempted to start telling her about your attraction. You might tell her just how special she is to you.

Lots of movies make this seem like a good idea and the way to a woman’s heart.

It really is not a good idea!

Woman like the chase too and if she knows she has you she’ll lose interest and go cold.

She has you and now she’s bored.

Woman do not like boredom in a relationship. She’ll just move on to someone a little more exciting.

Mistake #2 Being too affable

You like this woman because you both laugh at the same things, you like the same things and you dislike the same things. You just get along well. You think, “I’m going to have her” and then you start worrying that you might make a mistake and mess things up.

Once you start thinking like that you’re in trouble.

Because then you start being too nice, too helpful, too full of concern for her.

This is a big mistake and will kill your chances with this woman.


Because women love drama!

If there is no drama in her life she’ll get bored and go look for it elsewhere.

You need to give her some thing to talk to her girlfriends about. She has to be able to tell them how confusing you are, how you disappointed her and even how angry you sometimes make her. Telling her friends that you are polite and kind and helpful is okay, but it isn’t dramatic.

If you don’t sometimes make her a little angry or confuse the heck out of her she probably won’t be thinking about you at all.

Mistake #3 Giving her more power than she really wants

If you give her too much power over you she’ll quickly lose interest.

Woman want the power in a relationship, but they don’t actually like having it.

If she senses that you hold the winning cards she will just have to have you and she’ll start chasing you down.

Women are constantly testing to determine who holds the power. These tests are very subtle and most guys never know that they are being tested. But the testing goes on and if you want a chance you better not only recognize the tests but pass them too.

Here’s a video that will show you how to shift the balance of power in your favor.

These mistakes are easy to make … but they’ll kill your chances

balance of power infographicIt’s easy to make these mistakes because they feel like the right thing to do, the natural thing.

What could be more natural then sending a woman flowers or being polite and responding to her texts right away? And generally behaving like perfect boyfriend material.

It feels right to do these things but it really isn’t … not if you want to get the girl.

Look, nearly every guy she meets will send her flowers, respond to texts and act like a perfect boyfriend. If you do it too then you’re predictable and predictable is boring and boring is relationship death for a woman.

Getting the woman you want is a bit of game. But not a bad game, not a vulgar or controlling game.

It’s a game meant to give her the excitement and love she really wants.

Watch this video, it’ll explain the rules and tell you how to play.

Best of luck to you,