How To Talk To Women

I’ve been approached by my share of men and watched them approach my women friends countless times.

No matter how smooth the initial approach may have been a lot of guys just completely blow it as soon as they try to spark up a conversation.

Now look, women are people too you know. It isn’t so difficult to get a conversation going. And if you want things to go further you’re going to have to have a conversation first. So here’s some tips on talking to girls after you have made the initial approach.

If You’re Short On Confidence, Fake It

Ok, look at it this way, you’ve already done the toughest thing of all… cracked that ice by actually saying, “Hi”. Now it’s time to get the ball rolling.

You need to have some confidence in yourself and your abilities. If you can’t seem to find any in your shirt pocket, you can find a bit of that smooth charm by just pretending you are loaded with confidence. Bond it, my confident man, do what James Bond or Brad Pitt would do. In other words, fake it, act as though you aren’t shaking in your boots. It’s amazing how you can boost your confidence and success when you approach women by doing a little internal role-playing.

Now, I want you to keep this suave and oh-so-cool attitude inside your own mind. Please don’t try any Bond moves or Pitt talk on the woman you want to impress. They read right through this type of behavior. You need to be yourself if you really hope to impress some of those dazzling damsels. Just use the internal role you are playing to give yourself a confidence boost.

What To Say To Get The Conversation Rolling

Wondering about which words to actually say to the lucky girl? Well, it’s common knowledge that people love talking about themselves. Some questions about the lady can get your conversation off on the right track, but these can’t be just any questions.

Start the conversation with something simple and remember to make your question open-ended. A question that can easily be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” can shut you down quickly. Once you ask the question and she answers with a one-word answer the ball is back in your court and you might be headed for the bleachers.

So you need a question that will elicit more than a one or two word answer. That makes her dribble the ball a few seconds before passing it. Now, once you ask the question and get an answer, you have to be able to keep the conversation moving. Think of this like basketball, you can only hold the ball for so long without a penalty call, so talking to the ladies has to bounce back and forth in a fairly smooth manner.

Now, let’s say you are at a party where you spot a lady that you want to meet…. and you’ve said “Hi.” Let’s take this scenario right from here… Ask her for an opinion about a subject or topic. It can be as easy as saying, “This band is one of my favorites, what kinds of music (or bands) do you like?”

You get the idea? Don’t try to start a conversation by asking something like, “Do you know the people who arranged this party?” If you do you may well get a one word, yes or no, answer back and now you have to start all over.

Good Manners Will Pay Off For You

Something that really attracts women is a guy with proper manners, a true gentleman. Your confident charm and polite manners will make more waves and a better impression than attempting to be a player. Guys who try to overplay their hands will only turn the women off.

Always smile when you ask a friendly question, and have your eyes on her face, not checking out her body. If your girl likes what she sees, she will respond with a sentence or two. Your mission is to be a gentleman, pay attention to her answer, and concentrate all your attention on her.

While conversation does seem to come a bit easier to women, they are often even more unsure than you are. Keep this in mind and let the knowledge boost your confidence.

Another hint is to remember that it’s flattering to most women for you to ask something about her or comment about her hairstyle or her jewelry. Sure, you can tell her that the dress she’s wearing is hot, or her eyes are gorgeous, but those are what almost every other guy is trying for their opening. You definitely want to be just a bit different in your approach.

It really isn’t that hard to talk to women. If you give your self some confidence, even it’s the pretend kind, ask interesting questions and listen closely to the answers and don’t make your moves too fast or too obvious you’ll be miles ahead of most of the guys out there.