Five Ways To Approach Women and Get Them Interested

approaching a woman

Approaching a woman can be tough. If you say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing or just look wrong there goes a great opportunity. Find out what to say and do here.

By Lisa Sinclair

There she is. And she’s gorgeous. You’d love to talk to her, to get to know her, to see if she’s interested in you.

The problem is that you’re sure you’ll mess it up, say the wrong thing, say something offensive or just be plain old boring. Embarrassment looms like it has so many times before.

Many guys hide behind safe and polite conversation, fearing that any flirting will result in outright, embarrassing rejection. Some guys just can’t get past “hi.”

And lots more guys, I’ve seen it a million times, just look and then don’t even try.

Approaching a woman can be intimidating, even terrifying. There is no single magic phrase that will work, so put that thought out of your head.

On the other hand, the right attitude and some simple techniques can multiply your chances of getting the girl and getting her home.

Nothing is as sweet as a little confidence when you are attempting to impress a woman

A smile, positive body language – these suggest that you are friendly and confident. Do not overplay your hand and try to come across as Studley Dudley.

We are talking about being friendly, polite and showing just the right amount of confidence. These also help put her at ease and create a warm and inviting atmosphere, which are prerequisites for any kind of rapport to develop.

Keep eye contact when walking toward her

Breaking eye contact when you approach a woman sends the message that you are not feeling good about this situation.

Let her know that you find her attractive by smiling and looking her in the eye while you move toward her.

Devote all your attention to what she is saying

A frequent complaint women have about men is that they just don’t listen. Often the best way to talk to women is to be quiet and listen. Pay careful attention to what she says, and give an honest and thoughtful response. You don’t have to blurt out the first words that come into your head. It’s ok to think about what she said for a moment before responding.

Remember, when a woman feels that you don’t really have an interest in her…..she is not going to have any interest in you. To really attract women you have be a good listener.

Your tone and attitude can make you a dud instead of a stud

The tone of your voice and your attitude can make you or break you with the ladies at your first critical approach. Watch how you come across and how you sound.

You’re looking for a relationship or an adventure, not negotiating a corporate merger or prosecuting a criminal trial. Ease up on yourself and the woman in question, enjoy the moment, have fun, and do not take everything too seriously.

Leave her always desiring and wanting more from you

Don’t talk too much about yourself. Many women appreciate a guy who is just a little mysterious and gives them a feeling of intrigue. Let them know that there is plenty more to discover at a future time. Talking too much reveals too much information at the start, which kills any aspect of mystery and it also makes you look desperate which is not good at all.

Remember – In those first few moments, the woman whose interest you want to attract is evaluating you quickly. Try some of these tips to get the feel of how to approach and talk to women successfully.