Learn How to Talk to Women

talk to women

Do your conversation skills with woman let you down from time to time? Keep reading to learn how to get what you really need from women.

She’s noticed you, she’s smiling… this is your chance to connect with conversation. But what happens?

You’re either totally lost for words, too afraid to speak them in case you mess up, or you take the leap – and do mess up. You muddle your words, say things that sound stupid or cliche, and the more you realize what a poor impression you’re making and try to put it right, the worse it gets.

It’s extremely frustrating when your ability – or lack of it – to converse easily and naturally holds you back. When either your mind goes blank with nerves, or conversation never works out like it does in your head.

talk to women

If women are always saying “NO” to you … you can easily get them to start saying “Oh Yes, Yes, Yes”.

Conversation is of course the key to connecting with other people. It’s the best tool we have to paint a picture of ourselves and gain insights into someone else’s personality. And of course this makes it the key to mutual attraction and relationships. So, when conversation is a problem, so is your love life.

Even if you’re in a relationship, not being able to express yourself effectively and “feel heard” causes all sorts of problems, creating frustration and what feels like an insurmountable barrier between you.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ve most likely suffered the consequences of conversation being a disaster zone for some time. In the process, you’ve missed out on all sorts of opportunities, and not just in terms of dating and relationships, but in other areas of life too.

Of course it’s not just you – countless people have the same problem. In response, Mirabelle (Mia) Summers and Amy Waterman, two great relationship experts, have joined forces and co-authored an easy-to-follow and effective solution.

Conversation Chemistry will dramatically improve your communication skills and that’s great. But what we really like is that it is much more specific than this.

man and woman

Conversation is the key to impressing her in such a way that she’s keen to do what ever you want her to do.

Conversation Chemistry is a course especially for men, to help you experience fast and dramatic success in your ability to talk to, attract and connect with women. And as a result, better dating prospects, better relationships.

If “course” sounds like hard work and a lot of time, don’t worry. It’s a hefty 298 pages divided into three sections:

  • The principles of great communication with the opposite sex.
  • Secrets to talking to and communicating with the opposite sex during dating.
  • Communication inside a relationship

… but it’s an easy read, easy-to-follow and apply, and designed to start working fast.

Some of things you’ll discover are:

  • How and why men and women communicate differently, and how to talk to women and communicate in a way that builds unstoppable attraction.
  • The 5 most common conversation turn-offs
  • The 5 conversation turn-ons that will make women want to talk to you.
  • 5-step strategy to overcome the anxiety of approaching a woman and starting a conversation. Finally, no nerves, no awkward silences.
  • The one thing to say that will stop you getting the “brush off”
  • How to take conversation to a more intimate level, naturally and easily.

And much, much more.

In fact, way too much to mention here. For a full introduction to what’s inside and what you’ll achieve check out the Conversation Chemistry page.

In a nutshell, if you’re really serious about making a change and want a genuinely effective way to make it happen, this is it. Backed by studies, the authors’ expertise and with plenty of examples too, Conversation Chemistry is the definitive guide to successful conversation – and it’s especially for men.