A test to know if a girl is interested

In this video Jade gives you a nice, simple test to tell if a girl has some interest in you.

This test is preliminary. It doesn’t give you any definitive information on her state of mind toward you so don’t be booking a room because you get a positive sign. But this test will give you a pretty good indicator of her interest, especially if it has a positive result.

If it comes out negative don’t give up. It really is not definitive.

Here’s how it works. Get yourself into a position with the girl you’re interested in where a high five or a handshake is appropriate. Do the thing and watch out for the linger. That’s what this is all about. How long she holds contact with your hand. Give her the opportunity to hold the contact by not pulling your hand away right away. If her hand lingers on yours you’ve got a spark.

If you don’t get the linger don’t worry, she may just be distracted by something. But if you get the linger you definitely have some interest.