Good Ways to attract women – from Practical Psychology

10 tips to attract women

These 10 tips are really all about you, what you can do with your own life that will auto-magically make you attractive to women.

I really like these tips because there is nothing tricky or sneaky about them and if you apply them your life will be wonderful, whether you attract women or not.

The other good thing about these tips is they apply to women as well. If a woman does these things she will be far more attractive to good men.

Tip #1 Have a wonderful life

Tips to attract women - tip#1

This one is really the culmination of the other tips. There you are, you’re strong, you’re good and you have a wonderful life, you meet a great woman and ask her if she wants to hang with you. She can see you have a wonderful life and she says “Oh Yes”.

Tip #2 Have an overwhelming passion

Tips to attract women - tip#2

Passionate men are very attractive to women. So go out and find your passion and make it real. If you try to fake an interest in something she’ll see through your ploy and that could destroy attraction.

Be passionate about anything, motorcycles, sky-diving, cooking, art, music or even sewing or knitting. It really doesn’t matter what you are passionate about as long as it’s a real passion. Women find passion to be very sexy.

If you can, use your passion to create good things.

Tip #3 Have great hygiene and smell good

Tips to attract women - tip#3

The hygiene part of this one is easy. Frequent showers, lots of toothpaste and clean clothes. The smell good part is one that men frequently get wrong.

Smelling good means smelling like you, not like a sheep dipped in cologne. Go easy on the Axe and all the other colognes on the market. The commercials lie. They do not attract woman like iron filings to a magnet. One or two squirts maximum of any cologne is plenty. Better yet, be clean, smell clean, and do without any cologne at all.

Tip #4 Ask her to do something for you

Tips to attract women - tip#4

This is a bit of a manipulation but it isn’t evil or even negative.

There’s actually a name for this, it’s called the Benjamin Franklin effect. Smart old Ben used to ask his rivals to do something for him, something small, like getting him a drink or standing up to get something for him. After they did something for him they liked old Ben a little more than they did before.

Here’s how this works. When you do something for someone your subconscious mind thinks you must like this person, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing something for them. So if you do something for them you like them a little more.

Just ask her to do small things for you. Pass you a bit of paper you need, or a pencil. You could even ask her to run a small errand for you but go easy. If you ask her something that is inconvenient she won’t do it and perhaps she’ll like you less!

There’s also something called inconsistency bias at work here. It works like this: if you do something for someone two or more times you want to keep doing things when asked because you don’t want to appear inconsistent.

Tip #5 Be funny

Tips to attract women - tip#5

This is something most guys know already, women love funny guys. Not goofy guys, not someone who likes to run around in weird hats or wear t-shirts with offensive sayings printed on them.

Women like men who are genuinely funny. They can pull off self-deprecating humor without sounding pathetic, they appreciate irony. They are not just loud buffoons. Here’s a little primer on how to be funny.

So break a leg!

Tip #6 Be her friend

Tips to attract women - tip#6

This does not mean you should occupy the friend zone. But is has been proven that guys in the friend zone have a very good chance of beginning to date for real.

So what you need to do is go the extra mile for her and do things that make her smile. Help her with things she really needs help with, leave little notes for her that just say good morning. Text her to help her work through problems and offer sympathy.

If you do these things you’re halfway to real dating.

Tip #7 Break the touch barrier

Tips to attract women - tip#7

This is sound subconscious psychology that works very well. People don’t like to be touched by people they don’t like. So if you can get her to touch you in small ways her subconscious mind will say “I like this guy”. And that’s the first step to real attraction.

Be subtle, don’t do anything overt or sexual. Think of things like a shoulder brush in a crowded room, games or occasions that can easily result in a high five or a handshake. Make her understand that you are willing to touch her in a non-sexual way.

If she seems disgusted or scared by your touch stop touching her and move on.

Tip #8 Tell her secrets about yourself

Tips to attract women - tip#8

It is a proven psychological fact that we are more likely to like and trust people who trust us first.

So tell her some personal things about yourself that are not widely known. Be sure that you don’t mind if these secrets are known because at this point you can’t be sure that she won’t spread them around.

You’ll get extra points if the secret you tell her is slightly embarrassing.

Tip #9 Give her all your attention

Tips to attract women - tip#9

Everyone has a smart phone, a tablet and around 50 other devices these days. So if you give her your -undivided- attention she’s sure to be impressed.

When you’re talking to her … pay attention. Don’t fiddle with your phone or be distracted by what’s going on around you. When she’s speaking look into her eyes and remember what she says. If you remember what she says you can refer to it later and she’ll like you for doing that.

Tip #10 Work on your confidence

Tips to attract women - tip#10

A confident man is always attractive to women. I don’t mean buffoonery but deep down real confidence.

The best way to start working on your confidence is to work on your physical well-being. If your body is fit your mind will follow up with greater confidence.

Here’s a quick primer from Psychology Today on building confidence but if you want to go more deeply into this important subject go to this page.

That’s a synopsis of what’s contained in this video. Watch the whole video right here.