Online Dating FAQs

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New to online dating? The articles below answer the most common questions and concerns people have about online dating. For instance, learn how it works in the Beginner's Guide, and about the Advantages of Online Dating that have transformed its image from a "last resort" into a popular and widely-accepted tool for finding friendship, dates ...

What Type of People Use Online Dating Services?

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People who think of online dating services as a last resort are often concerned about the type of people who use online dating services. Is it a last resort for them too? If so, why haven’t they been able to find a date face-to-face? In other words, they suspect that there’s something “wrong” with people who ...

Meet Your Match with Online Dating

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If you think online dating services and personal ads are a "last resort for lonely geeks" who can’t find a date in the real world, think again! After all, you don’t have to be a “geek” to have trouble meeting people in the “real world.” Lack of time and opportunity, dissatisfaction with the bar and club ...

The Advantages of Online Dating

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... Benefits you'll Love ... The advantages of online dating attract at least 20 million Americans a month to online dating services. Once seen as a "last resort for lonely geeks," the benefits of online dating add up to an effective and more enjoyable alternative to the traditional dating scene that anyone can appreciate. Affordable According to's ...

Beginner’s Guide to Online Dating

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There are literally thousands of online dating and personals services to choose from, all claiming to be better than the next. When you’re new to online dating it’s confusing to say the least. Standard features, available at almost all sites, are often presented as “unique,”  and some may very well be unique but are baffling to someone who’s completely new to internet dating. To help you cut through the