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Online Dating FAQs

New to online dating? Find out how it works and how fast and easy it is to get started meeting people online for friendship, flirtation or serious romance. The choice is yours!

Online Dating Tips & Advice

Tips and advice for successful online dating, from choosing the best online dating site for you, to meeting an online date in person for the first time. This advice will help you stay safe and have fun too.

Dating Profile Help

Write an imaginative, compelling – and effective – online dating profile with the help of these tips. A great profile is essential but not as easy as you might think!

Top Online Dating Site Reviews

Explore the big names in online dating – see why the most popular dating sites are so successful, and how they can help you meet your match too.

Niche Dating Sites

The top specialty or “niche” dating services – connecting people with shared interests, ethnicities, faiths, passions, backgrounds and more, and your shortcut people you’re most likely to like.

General Dating Advice

Fundamental dating advice – whether you’re young and confused or badly in need of a “dating game” refresher course, here’s how to get it right, from getting a date to ensuring successful dates.